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Anubis sever works on OT-OCN



  • Impenetrable and uninterruptible single unit in a rack mount architecture for the corporate cyber security arena
  • Anubis is a hardware device that interfaces between a corporate network and the internet
  • Anubis is a stand-alone cyber security system that allows for uninterruptible IT operations services
  • Anubis supports and collaborates with existing IT systems, to disable malicious attacks without causing any disruption to IT Operations
  • Some target markets – Financial Institutions, Government, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.

Key Features

  • Classification scheme recognizes 1200+ applications and supports metadata extraction
  • Exceeds 1,000,000 deep packet inspections per second observing 2,000 rules
  • One Anubis system is capable in excess of 1,000,000 deep packet inspections per second while observing a minimum of 2,000 rules
  • This ability could be easily expanded and extended to tens of thousands of rules by simply adding more Anubis units
  • 72 core processor, Network I/O up to 80 Gigabit per second, 1U rack-mount

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