Current cyber terrorism is at the highest level of inteligence and impact

Globally we are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY

Cyber crime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021 - up from $3 trillion in 2015

It is crucial to gain protection against a problem that has become unmanageable - the biggest crisis worldwide EVER

Over 3.8 billion people use internet every day

Cyber security experts predict there will be
6 billion internet uses by 2022

CAT is the only leading cloud solution to our current outdated infrastructure

CAT is the only leading cloud solution in the world to our current outdated infrastructure using

Existing methods of interacting over the internet are outdated and dangerous

CAT is the only next generation cloud solution from the ground zero up

Original internet was designed as a TRUSTED NETWORK intended as a source of information

Not for security or personal knowledge

CAT CyberSecurity Solution as A Platform perfectly satisfies all CyberWorld business and opperations from individual domain to the corportaions and government

About CAT Inc.

Cyber Advanced Technologies Inc. is currently based in Berkeley, CA – the nucleus of Silicon Valley.  CAT’s “Science Lab” is the culmination of eleven years of: technological innovation, industrial proofs of concept, and pioneering research and development. As a result, we are proud to have created a unique innovative pathway, with the highest industrial engineering standards.  Performance, reliability, strength, safety, and security are innate underpinnings of Cyber Advanced Technologies. Our architectural engineering tolerance for error is ZERO.

OT-OCN is what we at CAT call the NEXT GENERATION internet architecture .  Operational Technology- Operational Centric Network.  This groundbreaking architecture resolves the flaws weaknesses in internet protocol (TCP/IP).  It co-exists simultaneously and transparently with the current- older TCP/IP paradigm.

A long standing and continuing internal quality assurance standard by the Science Lab has been to expose their engineering to the most extreme assaults. We encourage absolutely everyone to continue to do the same at all stages of implementation.

Bruce Khavar

Bruce Khavar is the founder, visionary and innovative leader to CAT’s ground breaking NEXT GENERATION technology.  For over 11 years, Bruce has been working on this masterpiece, OT-OCN.  Bruce acted immediately when the internet was new to the market in 1991.  He predicted then that in the near future, there would be holes in the infrastructure as people and technology would advance.  He was right.  Today, we have to settle with outdated technology that compromises us every single day, making the internet and cyber world dangerous to use, let alone trust.

Bruce has 20+ years of experience in Silicon Valley from technology developer to sales and has consistently provided industrial technology solutions and proofs of concepts for numerous global corporations.  He has pioneered the Industrial Java paradigm since 1997 and has won many global innovation recognitions and prizes.  Collaborative and client companies include, Siemens Electric, Mitsubishi, IBM, Tokyo Power, BP, Osaka Gas, LG CNS, Schneider Automation, Sun Microsystem and more.

Bruce Khavar is an inventor, developer and integrator with a record of integrating various devices and systems in multiple verticals with an aggregate of over $40 billion.  Even with the said, despite his previous accomplishments with advancements in the IT world, his OT-OCN solution by far exceeds his greatest of accomplishments and considers this to be the absolute reason for his purpose not only in  this field, but his life.

“Invention unprecedented is far beyond a thought – it’s an inspiration that starts even before you know you’re inventing something” Bruce Khavar

CAT and South Korea Our Partner in Cyber Crime

Bruce Khavar’s acceptance and notoriety in South Korea has created a rare opportunity on the vast technological landscape of South Korea’s “high beta” economy. South Korea is considered by many to be the most advanced technological landscape in Asia. High tech infrastructure, both wired and wireless, are approaching state of the art.

Fiber optic connectivity is the standard goal. As Asia’s fourth largest economy, South Korean exports grew 19% last year. And of course, South Korea is home to Samsung Electronics, Life’s Good (LG Chem), SK Hynix, and the world’s fourth largest steelmaker, POSCO, backed by Warren Buffett.

To be known among the South Korean tech giants like LG, Samsung and SK is an incredibly rare status and standing.

In November 2015,  The CAT Lab Team was the central focus and target of a three-day hacking event in Seoul, South Korea, that included a gold medal consortium of hackers. Leading and part of this group was Dr. Park of the KAIST Institute (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).

The gold medal hacking team tried for three (3) days to penetrate the cybersecurity protective perimeter – without success. In fact, the hacking group could not gain even the slightest degree of traction or access the CAT architecture, and eventually resorted to basic 101 trial and error hacker reconnaissance tactics.

In the years since, Dr. Park and numerous engineers and hackers have continued to challenge the CAT OT-OCN architecture, including DDOS attacks. The CAT Science Lab has continued to expose the system to attacks, including aggressive zero-day hacker attacks.  The CAT architecture remains un-compromised and continues to grow in strength. South Korea has been and continues to be the only solution.